Facebook Sucks, bastards shut us down without notification

After 3 years of hard work building our Facebook page, had Paid Advertising, about 5000 friends, everyday we had nice comments from friends about photos or posts and new people would friend us because we became very popular, Lycos ads attached to the page, many groups, links and so on the SOB’s shut it down and never contacted us with NO Explanation or a way to appeal it. When you call their phone number all we get is answering machines and have pushed every number to every department on the answering machine and never get thru.

 I am convinced that it was competition in our promotions that found a way to knock us out so that we would have to start all over again.

This is BS  and an outrage, do you think they would shut down celebrities like Spears, Hilton, GaGa, you bet they wouldn’t.

I am appealing to all who were shut down from FaceBook in this manner and comment this page and repost it. Leave us an email to contact you as I intend to have a Class Action Law suit against FaceBook for One Billion Dollars as soon as we get 50-100 people with my attorneys.

Always Remember that FaceBook and other Social web sites cannot exist without people like us that utilize and support their web site business, which at one time one day they will sell it for a couple of Billion dollars and walk away filthy rich on our efforts and time.

They are making Millions and millions of dollars selling Paid Advertising because they have a huge data base of people like you and me that never see a dime of it and yet they play GOD with all our hard work and effort.

PS. Everyday people friended us because of what we gave them and they wanted to be part of us not because of anything that FaceBook gave them. Thats exactly what I am saying that FaceBook is nothing without our participation and hard work and efforts.

My Block list was about 50 deep because of constant annoyance from certain people that would make up 5 or more new groups a day. But Facebook didn’t shut them down thay let them continue on and on until you becaome annoyed enough to block them from your site.

LITIGATION: I am helping out this particular person in an effort to help them get started with this Billion Dollar Class Action Law Suit that I feel FaceBook deserves. In business you cannot take sides with any one complaint and destroy other businesses.

PLEASE comment this article with an email so as we can contact you concerning this Class Action Law Suit for futher communication with our attorneys.

Thank you for reading our article.

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